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Teaching Gender Equality with Children’s Books

Posted on: 07 Jan 2019

Why boys need to read books featuring strong girls. Moms and Dads, are you setting your sons up for a mentally healthy future? Are you teaching your sons to value the strengths of both men and women? Does it seem like you are saying boys and girls are equal, but they still say stuff like […]

What is EQ/EI and why it’s important?

Posted on: 21 Dec 2018

I started researching EQ/EI aka Emotional Intelligence, right around this time of my son’s birth. I wanted to be the best mother I could and stop the patterns that I had grown up with and witnessed most of my childhood.  The feeling that I wasn’t validated or enough. The belief that my voice didn’t matter. […]


Posted on: 21 Dec 2018

The reasons why reading to your child can save their life! Science has shown that in the first seven years of our lives, we are programmed on how we will learn and react to the world for the rest of our lives. So, getting a strong start in programming habits that will help us is vital […]